What happens if someone damages my outfit?


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  1. Please take photos on your phone immediately.
  2. Please contact the lender via the app chat service and discuss further action. Please add in the photos.
  3. Most items can be fixed with extra dry cleaning or repair. Please take the item to your preferred cleaner and or tailor and get a written quote.
  4. Please send quotes to the lender as they may be responsible for any extra costs incurred to you.
  5. Use our REQUEST MONEY feature to recoup these costs. This will automate a text to the lender from us about this request.
  6. Most issues can be sorted out easily but if you need us to step in please contact the HSR team via this Help Centre

Please note that as your garment ages it will get general wear and tear. It is not fair to ask the last lender to pay for repairs that may have been incurred over time.

If the item is damaged beyond to an extent that it can no longer be rented, it must be "sold" to the lender. This means the dress cannot be repaired and put back into the rental pool. 

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