What happens if I don't return my rental?

It will be considered stolen


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We've deliberately designed our marketplace to be flexible for users, we let you choose how long you want to book, you can negotiate price and because we know many of you live payday to payday, we don't request a bond - all things we know are important to you. In return we expect you to take care of your rental and return it on time. 

When you create an account on the App you agree to our Terms & Conditions, the summary says it all. You are asked to agree to these T&C's again when you confirm and pay for a booking just so there's no confusion about what we expect of you. 

  • Your booking summary confirms what dates you have agreed to.
  • You will be sent a notification the day your dress is due to be returned/posted.
  • If you can't return on the agreed date, let the owner know via our chat or by phone (the owners number is on the bottom of the booking summary).
  • If it's not returned a few days later you may be asked to pay late fees via our request money function.
  • If it's not returned in 14 days you will be contacted by us and sent an invoice to pay the replacement value.
  • If this is not paid by the due date, all information about the booking will be sent to the owner to file a police report. 

Filing a police report only takes about 10 minutes online with all the information we provide. We ask for a lot of detail when an account is created including ID verification; we also only support bookings that are paid for via our payment gateways Stipe and PayPal adding another layer of security; all messages on the chat are stored on our server for future reference.

Simply it's not worth it. 

If you've accidentally damaged an outfit it's OK, these things happen. Please, please, PLEASE chat with the owner and work towards a resolution. Almost all of these situations sort themselves out. Most users "sell" damaged outfits they can no longer rent to the lender.

If you need any help/advice please contact us via the chatbot. If we're not online, we will get to your query soon. 

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