How we mediate and help with disputes


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Most disputes can be sorted out with clear communication with the other person and our platform is very flexible allowing you to negotiate. 

If you can't find a solution ask for help by popping in a support ticket stating the booking number and a brief summary of the problem. 

Most of the time we can sort it out. We may: 

- charge the card on file

- refer to a third-party collection agency (we don't recommend it getting to this as it will affect your credit rating)

- or prepare all information about the booking including a copy of the ID, chat messages and user details to the other party to progress with the police or small claims court. 

Everyone who uses the App must agree to the terms and conditions when they sign up and again before the booking is confirmed. 

We take damage and theft very seriously.


While every effort is made to recover the debt, all owners understand that they hire out items are their own risk, and we are not accountable for any loss, damage or theft.  

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