How does payment work and how do I get paid?

We hold payment until the item is delivered


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In a nutshell, payment can be made by credit/debit card, the money is held with HSR until the item is delivered. Up until this time a refund can be issued can be owner via the App.  

On average, lenders make three booking enquiries, so the quicker you respond and accept the booking, the more likely you are to get the rental. 

When you get a booking enquiry you are sent a text, an email and in app notification - these link to the booking so it's important to have them turned on. The highlighted area at the top of the booking summary shows what stage it is at and will prompt you about what to do next. 

Chat with the lender about the booking. If you're comfortable please ACCEPT the booking. This sends them a notification prompting to pay. We accept Apple Pay, credit or visa debit cards or PayPal. Once they have paid you will be sent a notification and the booking is locked in. We do send reminders but please pop a note in your calendar so you don't forget.

We hold the money in trust until the start of the booking just in case it needs to be cancelled or refunded. These buttons are an option on the booking summary.

Once the item is picked up or delivered please contact the lender via the chat or text them (the call button is on the top right-hand corner) and ask them to press ITEM RECEIVED on their booking summary. This triggers a payment to PayPal instantly or your nominated bank account within three business days. This can be changed any time via your DASHBOARD - PAYOUT METHOD.

If they do not press ITEM RECEIVED, payment is automatically triggered on the last day of the rental.

You can check all your payments in the PAYMENT LOG located in your dashboard.

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