How do I add the shipping price to the booking?


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  1. If needed, the lender can choose shipping as the delivery method when placing an order. They have the option of using the address on file or adding in a new one. Please confirm these details via the chat function.
  2. Please add in a return shipping price which includes a marked up bag which can be lodged at the Post office or placed in a mailbox by the lender at the conclusion of the rental.
  3. Please include the return bag in the package and take a photo of both the tracking numbers or add them to the Australia Post App. We have a customer card you can print and include in the package with the return date marked up.
  4. Once you have posted the item please send the lender the tracking number for the incoming package via our chat function. At this point please remind them to post the item back at the agreed date.
  5. Track the return post bag with the tracking number and if it hasn’t been posted please continue to chat with the lender.
  6. If your item is returned late and this impacts the next rental please contact us and we can give you a mobile number

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