The item is not as described, what can I do?

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It is reasonable to expect items should be as described meaning it should be the size and colour listed and look like the photos. If it has a point of difference this should be noted in the description. If you have any other questions about the garment we encourage you to use our in-app chat function. 

If an outfit has been delivered and is not as described, please contact the renter to discuss its return and a refund which can be issued by them. Please action this within four hours of receiving the garment so there is no misunderstanding about it being worn. Please put the reason why you are requesting a refund on the chat and pictures if required. If you are unable to negotiate with the renter please contact the HSR team before the last day of the hire, through the chat icon or email [email protected] where we will put a block on the payout.

We can override refunds only if the money is still in our account and has not been paid out to the owner. So if there is an issue please DO NOT press Item Received and contact us before the last day of the hire. 

Once the money has left our account we will not be responsible for compensation and it will have to be organised between parties.

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