How do I cancel a booking and issue a refund to my customer?


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As an owner/renter you can action a refund by pressing the REFUND button on the booking order before payment is triggered. You can offer a full or partial refund depending on the circumstances. The refund will be paid back onto the card they paid with and while most are instant, this sometimes takes 3-5 days to process. Once a refund has been issued the booking status will shift to CANCELLED. The outfit will become available on your booking calendar.

IMPORTANT: Penalty-free refunds can only be issued before the money is paid out to the owner so please do not ask the lender to press ITEM RECEIVED and action before the last day of hire. Once the money has left our account we will not be responsible for compensation and it will have to be organised between parties.

If you issue a partial refund and then want to issue the rest it has to be done by HSR, please create a ticket with the booking number.

If you are cancelling the booking, please give the lender as much notice as possible giving them time to find another outfit. 

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